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Why should I Travel to Australia at least once in a lifetime?

Enormous and diverse landscape, exceptional wildlife and white-sand coast are what make Australia one of the most attractive continents of the globe. Being very far away from the rest of the world, Australia is often forgotten to be enlisted as a destination, some are not eager to put up with long flights, while others may not be able to afford it.  Whether it is the one or another, Australia is a continent you should visit once in a lifetime and here are the reasons.

Seeing a kangaroo jumping and just wondering around some parts of Australia is the most significant reason of all, together with hugging the adorable koalas. In addition to this, for a more exotic feel of nature, Australia offers a rainforest experience. Head to Queensland for right this reason and explore green islands, forests and breathtaking parks such as Daintree National Park. Moreover, in order to see an Australian version of the Grand Canyon, Watarrka National Park should be on your list. The impressive views of King’s Canyon and cool waterfall are a perfect gateway destination from overcrowded cities.

Australia is known for its marvelous coastlines and beautiful blue ocean, where you can surf, sunbathe, swim, kayak, relax or do whatever you desire. Having more than 10,000 beaches across the continent, finding the right place for you should be a piece of cake. It must be noted that White Heaven beach beats them all with its azure waters and stunning landscapes. For an off-beaten sight, you can pay a visit to Cable Beach at Broome – here you can easily catch a ray during the day or ride a camel along the coast while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Visiting Australia’s major cities like Sydney and Melbourne is simply a must. Sydney, considered to be the country’s famous harbor city, is full of historical and contemporary sights. The breathtaking Sydney Opera House, slim cobblestone streets, street performances and Museum of Contemporary Art are the few marvelous places the city has to offer.  Additionally, it might be considered as a cliché, but watching the sunset over its Harbor Bridge and Opera House is absolutely stunning and jaw-dropping activity you can do here.

Unlike Sydney, Melbourne is more laid-back offering vast activities to anyone be it a family, art-lover, shopaholic, gourmand, party animal or simply a traveler wanting to understand more about Australia and its Aboriginal history.

Just another reason to visit Australia is its Great Barrier Reef – made from 2,900 separate reeds and 900 islands make it the biggest sole arrangement in the world. Dive here in order to see the incredible marine life with more than 300 species of whales and dolphins, as well as thousands of fish, sea snakes and turtles to name a few.

However, this are the only several reasons why you should visit Australia once in your lifetime – the country offers much more than those, so do not waste any more time, plan, pack and go!

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